The privacy policy of has every information that a user must know about the information that he shares on this website. Website owners usually collect this information to identify and to contact a person, if needed. Therefore, users are suggested to go through this policy with the utmost care so that they can take action accordingly.

When does collect user info?

The information may be collected at various times while he is surfing our website. It is important to collect information in the following circumstances:

  • When you register for a service
  • Access live chat feature
  • Provide details in the query form

Information collection

The information collected is done by requiring the following details of the customers:

  • Your complete name
  • Mobile phone number
  • Residential address
  • Email address
  • Additional details

How do we use the collected information?

We may use your info in the following scenario:

  • To provide you the best available info we have
  • For the purpose of providing you the requested info
  • To make improvements to our website
  • For responding in a better way to customers’ query

What are the measures we take to protect users’ privacy?

Protecting your privacy is our priority as well as concern. We do not use such scanning tools which makes user info vulnerable. We do not store your information in any form. Hence, you should feel comfortable while sharing data with us.

Information related to Cookies

Cookies are used by website owners to collect information about users’ interests. They send these files to your hard drives through web browsers. These are used to identify your browser so that selected information is sent to your device related to your interest. They do so because whenever you click on these advertisements, they get paid for it. Other than this, they are also collected to track the website traffic so that changes can be made accordingly.

If you wish to know that we use cookies or not, then yes we do use it. We save your preferences in order to provide the best of experiences whenever you visit the next time. We collect and manage your information about users’ interests and activities on the website. This, in the end, lets the website owner provide better services.

If you do not wish to get tracked, then you may easily change your computer settings. By doing so, you will get a notification each time a cookie is being sent to your computer’s hard drive. At this time, you can choose to enable or disable them. To disable them permanently, there are some settings you need to change and you will get rid of them. But, one thing to be noted here is that will make your browsing experience bad. These settings are easily customization via the browser settings tab on your device.

Info disclosure to third-parties

We clearly state that we never sell or trade your personal data and we keep it confidential. We do not disclose it to third-parties as well.

Info about third-party links

At some moments while using our website, you may find that third-party links are incorporated here. In this situation, if you click on these links at your own will. These websites might have their own policies therefore, you need to go through their specific policies. We also respect your valuable feedback so that we can always give the best output.

Children Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA)

We do take this Act seriously and hence we never allow children under the age of 13 to seek our services without any supervision by the adults. We never market our services to the children.

Fair Information Practices

We do follow the rules and laws maintained by the government and we always try our best to use fair info practices on our website. We also make sure that these are practiced by every individual.

If you have any doubts or queries regarding this policy, you may contact us or give your valuable feedback. We also wish to inform you that we can make changes to our website, its policies, terms, and conditions, without giving any prior info to the customers and that is why they should go through it carefully.