What suits you more: Norton Ghost or Symantec Ghost?

When you look for a software solution for your data backup you tend to install some software which might be low on cost but high in risk. You need software that is cost effective and safe too. Norton Ghost is the most recommended data backup solution which is designed as a home user for the purpose of having a complete backup of your files and folder. It allows you to have an access to your backed up files and folders.

Norton Ghost

Some of the key features mentioned below will let you know the reason why Norton Ghost is suitable for you: –

  • Ability to perform a Full system backup: – It backs up the data on a hard drive.
  • You Files and folder will be backed up: – It performs backup only for specific files and folders you choose rather than performing a backup for the whole drive.
  • Backup of Files Transport protocol sites: – It copies the files for recovery to a Files Transport Protocol to perform offsite backup for the files.
  • Ability to perform Offsite backup: – It will perform a backup for your files to the Network – Attached Storage.
  • It comes with Symantec ThreatCon integration: – It is designed to target the incremental backup and also builds a safety guard for your computing device without virus protection.
  • Incremental data backup: – It backs up only those files that have transformed.
  • It comes with Google Desktop integration: – the Symantec solution has made data recovery even faster with the tool to search the other preventive data backup solutions.
  • Ability to restore the System: – It stores your valuable data on your device with the help of on-disk software.
  • It enables you to perform remote management.
  • Advanced encryption and compression: – it expands your storage space and keeps your sensitive documents safe.

Important: – Likewise, Symantec Ghost Solution is of equal importance. It’s up to your usage and needs for which you have to select what is wise for you.

About Symantec Ghost Solution

The Symantec Ghost solution is specifically designed for the distribution of your system images to the other computing systems. With comparison to Norton.com/setup, the Symantec Ghost Solution have some advance backup features such as image restoration.

What are the key features of Symantec Ghost solution?

  • It creates a centralized unit wherein you can manage as much as your Windows systems in a few minutes.
  • It provides instant Windows Vista Migration which includes migration of your data, applications and configuration setting.
  • It allows you to manage the image and software installations in both hardware and software inventory.
  • It resolves the image management issue.
  • It will protect your sensitive files and folders during an Image deployment process.

In a conclusive viewpoint:-

To conclude it can be said that, there is a need to protect your valuable files. Documents by having a backup of those files. With Norton Ghost software you can have the backup of your documents on your device. Whereas having Symantec Ghost solution will provide you the same with some advanced features. Which makes it slightly different from the Norton Ghost solution.

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