Is Norton better than Windows Defender?

Are you stuck in between choosing a Norton or Windows Defender? Well, here we will elaborate on the points that will tell you which one of them is best suited to your use. In the detailed comparison between both of them, you will see the differences between the features of both Windows defender and Norton. Not only the features are differentiated but the differences are also made on the basis of malware protection, impact on your system performance, user interface and more details that will make you make a smart decision.

Is Norton better than Windows Defender

Are you aware of the situation that half of the world has become the victims of Cyber crime? In this present world of advanced technology, it has become almost impossible to imagine a safe digital life without any antivirus software installed on the device. It doesn’t matter whether you prefer a Windows or a Mac OS for use, all it matters that you should install apt antivirus software that will suit your device. Here in this article, you will get to know why Norton should be preferred above than Windows Defender. If you have a specific query to ask about the topic then it is recommended to get in touch with the Customer Support executives that are available on its official website,

Does Norton offer more features as compared to Windows Defender?

There are many companies that deal with cyber security software and they offer a range of security products at unique prices that are customer-driven. However, Microsoft offers a free security solution that is known as Windows Defender Security Center that is no paid with additional tools and utilities. If we talk about Norton antivirus, it offers more features as compared to the Windows Defender.

Does Norton offer a better Malware Protection than Windows Defender?

Most of the antivirus software offers 3 layers of protection that are known as a file scanner, a heuristic scanner to monitor the activities of the files and the company server. Norton antivirus software is successful in blocking the malware and it has passed the quality tests whereas Windows Defender was slightly less than the Norton antivirus. For more details on this, visit Norton’s official website that goes by the URL

Comparison on the basis of less impact on the OS

This is an important point of discussion as the system’s performance is measured by the factor. There is certain modern antivirus software that is extremely light and put a minimal impact on your Operating system. On the total, it is clear that Norton is way better than the Windows Defender as it is compared in terms of impacting system performances.

Is Norton offers a better User Experience as compared to Windows Defender?

It is a very important thing that security software delivers good features such as a perfect user interface. Both Norton antivirus and Windows Defender provides a simple, minimalist interface that is nicely described on all the versions of Windows OS. The interface comes in the shades of white, gray and light blue and both of them are easy-to-use.

Is Norton pocket-friendly software as compared to Windows Defender?

We cannot compare both of the software as Windows Defender is a freeware that is without any additional upgrades. Both of them are set at minimal prices.

In a conclusive viewpoint:-

Norton is better than Windows Defender if we compare them both on the parameters set for determining Malware protection and the impact on the system’s performance. So, if you are thinking about making a smart move, then it is strongly recommended to go for Norton antivirus software. For more detailed information, it is recommended to visit

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