How to make your iPhone or Android theft-proof?

Have you ever thought of a situation where your mobile gets stolen or lost? Your devices, be it personal or professional, are the hub of all the information related to you and your organization. These contain all the necessary details about you that can take you from heaven to hell. Therefore, it becomes utmost necessary to prepare you well in advance in order to avoid any such situation. A number of campaigns are held by the government that tells you about cyber security and digital awareness. But it becomes your duty to make these campaigns fruitful. This would only happen if you take your online security and not let anyone have a glimpse of it.

Thus, by keeping this in mind, I have jotted down some essential points that will help you in making your smart gadgets theft-proof. Most importantly, you need to give special care to those devices which have financial data on it. Other than this, if your device is equipped with the customer or organizational data, it becomes significant to deploy all the safety measures on it. Doing this will save the time and effort that you need to put in later in case your device gets stolen or lost.

Significant measures for safeguarding mobile data

  • Keep a note of identifying details of devices- make sure to record identifying details of each device you are providing to the employees. In the record, you should note down their names, serial number of the phone, along with IMEI number. You can easily find this number on the mobile packaging or by going through its properties.
  • Use unique and strong passwords- managers should ask their employees to set up a strong and unique as well as long passwords for the devices they use on which essential data is stored. Ask them to include a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers as well as special characters. Also, they should be asked to set screen locks to avoid unauthorized access to anybody.
  • Use 2FA or MFA- employees should be given proper training about implying two-factor authentication or multi-factor authentication on their devices. This includes using fingerprints, screen recognition, password along with the PIN.
  • Add multi-layered protection- instruct your team about using security solutions on these devices and if necessary provide them with one. Currently, Norton Mobile Security is used by most of the mobile device users to add an extra layer of protection to it. In case you are using an iPhone, you should enable the ‘Find My iPhone’ feature. This will help them in locating their missing devices in case it has been lost or stolen. Other than this, you can also deploy. Norton Small Business to manage all those devices that are used in your organization.


Before you fall into a trap of a major scam that could take place in case your device is missing, you should immediately report about it. Make sure the GPS is enabled so that it becomes easier to find it.

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