How to Activate Norton Setup using Norton Product Key?

Activation is the third procedure that needs to be followed by the users, once the Norton Setup has been successfully downloaded and installed to the device. This is because Activation of the software using a corresponding Activation Code or Product key plays a vital role for successful usage of the services included within the software. One such usable product keys is Norton Product key, required for the successful activation of the Norton Setup o the users’ device.

Norton Setup using Norton Product Key

Norton Product key is a 25-digit alphanumeric unique product key and this key comes in either of the two forms depending upon the method used to purchase the setup. As it has been observed that the users face some common issues or errors while activating the Norton setup so, to avoid the occurrence of such common errors the procedure has been detailed below.

Step to activate the Norton Setup using the Norton Product Key:

Follow the step wise procedure detailed below to activate the Norton Setup with product key that comes in either of the two forms mentioned below:

  1. If you purchase Norton setup via online method i.e. through its official website i.e. then, this Norton Product Key will come in the form of email to the users’ Norton Account email address.
  2. If you purchase Norton Setup via offline method then, this Norton Product key will be found on the edges of the Norton Setup CD.

Note: For getting the steps to download or install of Norton Antivirus or any other Norton Setup. Just follow the steps detailed over the support section of its official website i.e. Norton.comSetup.

The steps of Norton Setup Activation are as follows:

  1. First of all, execute the Norton setup on the device. Tap the menu option displayed on the leftmost corner of the software.
  2. Out of all the available options, choose the “Activation” option.
  3. The Activation window will be there on the screen. You have to enter the corresponding Norton Product key of the Norton Antivirus within the respective field.
  4. At last, click the “Activate” button.
  5. Hence, the Norton Setup gets successfully gets activate on the device. Now, the users can easily take the advantage of services included within the Norton Setup.

If any of the errors are there while following the aforementioned steps then, call the customer care number for free. Also, if any of the activation errors are there on the device. For this, users may easily call the Norton Customer Support by contacting to them on their toll-free number.

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